If you want a punk girl bust (which reminds you  a girl friend ..from the past) , please send me a message HERE, ( or by sending a message at :  b.c.creation(AT)orange.fr  ) with your address. I'll answer you , telling you the price with shipping cost (registered shipping) .I've got a paypal account.
For information it's 25€ without shipping/paypal costs .

W_moyenne_punkette_peinte PunkGirl_Barry_Biediger   

La version de Tatoo : plus de photos ICI 


  des versions en cours,par Patrick "Yarok" Coray:punkette08
Ou celle de Fred "Minos" Bisseux : punkette_Minos ou de Yannick "Yandegio" DeGiovanni  :punkette_yannick_                                                       de François Boivin punkette_francois_